Area of Practice

Mediation & Dispute Resolution


Disputes and conflicts can occur in many arenas and range from simple to complex situations. Litigation can be a costly and time consuming process and therefore mediation and dispute resolution has become a popular alternative. It is cost effective and provides an opportunity for the parties to a dispute to maintain a working relationship with each other.

Our Approach

We understand that taking a dispute to court may be your last resort and we endeavor to resolve the matter as effectively as possible while ensuring you are satisfied with the process and outcome. Chen Shan Lawyers’ mediation and dispute resolution team adopts a flexible approach to dispute resolution. Our goal is to understand your needs and the motivation of the parties to the dispute so that we can achieve a compromise that satisfies all sides.

Besides mediation, Chen Shan Lawyers can also assist you in arranging informal settlement conference.


We can help you engage a mediator who acts as a facilitator for better communication in the hope of reaching an agreement. Mediation has often proven to be the best way to handle disputes in both personal and commercial environments while maintaining the relationship between the parties in dispute. Our mediation and dispute resolution team will help you assessing opportunities to resolve disputes with practical options and strategies available.


We adopt a flexible approach to dispute resolution and we believe a solution can be found in most cases without the need for costly court action. However, if all possible venues in mediation are exhausted, we can also help you to commence litigation. For more information, please see civil litigation & dispute resolution.

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