Firm Profile

Chen Shan Lawyers is a dynamic, passionate and international law firm with its main office in Sydney CBD. We strive to provide personalised, premium legal services that tailor the needs of individuals, businesses and corporations throughout Australia and internationally. With our extensive professional services and dedicated lawyers, we consistently provide the best possible outcome for our clients, giving our clients impressive success stories in all areas of law. Further, through close collaboration and support from our partner law firms in China, we are equipped with the aptitude to provide a full range of legal solutions at an international scale. We are committed to the integrity of the legal profession.

By having a highly talented and diverse legal team, we are able to offer expert legal advice on a wide variety of legal matters and all areas of law, including corporate and commercial law, civil litigation, family law, criminal law, immigration and education, property law, wills, estates and probate, construction law, employment and industrial law, mediation and dispute resolution and investments. We deliver comprehensive support at all stages of your legal matter and have structured practice procedures in place to your distinctive needs. Chen Shan Lawyers also utilises its professional networks with the most experienced senior counsels and barristers to ensure that our clients are provided with reliable, accurate and informed legal advice that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our lawyers are educated and professionally trained in top universities in Australia (some both in Australia and China) with some of them possessing an extensive legal background including overseas legal experience. Our team is multi-lingual and able to provide legal services in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean. As a legal team with a diverse cultural and legal background, we have consistently represented clients from many ethnicities.Chen Shan Lawyers also strives to uphold a high level of social responsibility. We are devoted to contributing to the community to help others and to serve the cause of justice. We act as legal advisor and consultant to a number of Chinese community groups in Sydney. Our firm also encourages and supports our legal team to take part in pro-bono work. In particular, we have regularly volunteered and offered free legal advice at Redfern Legal Centre, Kingsford Legal Centre and Inner City Legal Centre. Our team’s strong social awareness is a testimony to our promise to be committed to the community.

Our principle solicitor, Shan Chen, has been employed as senior law professors and lecturers in several famous universities in China. Shan Chen was awarded as one of the first session of top 100 excellent Chinese entrepreneurs for her extensive professional knowledge, a proud history of successful litigation and excellent business management skills. Her story was incorporated into the “Top 100 Chinese Entrepreneurs”.

Our Core Values

Integrity Our firm, and people within it, are led by professionalism and integrity. As one of the most important values of our firm, integrity is integrated into the very fabric of Chen Shan Lawyers. We conduct ourselves with honesty and openness. We are unwaveringly dedicated to do what is right, instead of what is expedient. Our team embraces our meaningful responsibility and professional obligations of upholding justice and equality in the law.

Dedication At Chen Shan Lawyers, our focus is always on the best interests of our clients. Through a deep understanding and respect of our clients’ needs, we are able to merge our thoughts, talent and perspectives into one and work together towards a mutual goal through a trusting and supportive relationship. We are always looking for innovative ways to achieve the best results for you. We never give up and always look for a new and better avenue of achieving a better result. Even where all hope seems lost, we are prepared to devote our energy and motivation to comprehensively evaluate all available options and opportunities, develop superior and innovative solutions and tackle the seemingly impossible tasks and obstacles.

Excellence We are proud of our commitment to excellence in service. We approach every aspect of your matter with a highly professional and meticulous attitude. We are committed to provide practical solutions and integrating a high degree of integrity and excellence into our work. In addition, Chen Shan Lawyers’ in-house training program continuously motivates our team to be proactive in keeping up-to-date with the law and policy developments. We undertake to provide the best service that our clients’ deserve. Our legal team constantly takes the initiative to self-improve and transcend ourselves in order to provide first-class service to our clients and will always work at a level above your expectations.


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