Our Team

Principal Solicitor, Director and Founder of Chen Shan Legal Group

  • Solicitor and Barrister in the Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Solicitor and Barrister in the High Court of Australia
  • Migration Agent (MARN: 0963493)
  • Guest Professor in Hebei University of Science and Technology, China
  • Senior Visiting Lecturer for the postgraduate program, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China
  • Director of Baogang Group Investment (Australia) Pty Ltd

Area of Expertise

  • Litigation in all jurisdictions
  • Commercial Litigation & Equity
  • Civil Litigation & Appeal &Dispute Resolution
  • Business & Cooperation Law
  • Divorce, Property Settlement, Parenting & Appeal
  • Criminal Litigation & Appeal
  • Property & Business Conveyance/Lease
  • Intellectual Property & Dispute
  • Immigration Matters & Appeal
  • Will, Estate & Probate
  • Family Provision Claim and Appeal
  • Building & Construction Law & Appeal
  • Merges & Acquisitions & IPO
  • Consultant Services for Companies & Individuals
  • International Investment Advice & Compliance


Shan Chen is the principal of Chen Shan Lawyers, with extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas, particularly in commercial and corporate advising and litigation, family law, civil litigation, migration law, criminal law, and appeal matters. Shan Chen has broad international practice experience, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

Shan Chen has conducted many successful criminal, civil and commercial cases in all jurisdictions ranging from the Local Court, District Court through to the Supreme Court of different States. As an experienced lawyer in litigation in all jurisdictions, Shan has a proven track of record for achieving positive outcomes in a lot of cases. In one matter for example, she has alone successfully defeated a legal team of a senior counsel, a barrister and a number of solicitors in a Hearing and achieved unexpected outstanding result for her clients.

Shan is committed to attempting all possible lawful avenues to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She always has the best interests of her clients at heart and has on many occasions successfully fought to obtain outcomes more favourable than the clients’ expectations. Shan is exceptionally talented at foreseeing potential issues when presented with the facts of a case and advise client in advance of all possible actions to be taken.

In her many years of practice, Shan has built a diverse client base. Shan’s clients range from individuals, small to medium enterprises, professional service firms, all different sorts of corporations including public listed companies, multi-national corporations, large corporations and state-owned entreprises. Shan is capable of providing the most tailored advice to the client giving the special circumstances of the clients, the particular positions held by the clients and clients’ different areas and levels of needs.

In the area of commercial and corporate law, Shan is experienced in providing regular advice in relation to corporate governance issues as well as handling and solving complicated commercial disputes and litigation matters.

As the principle solicitor of Chen Shan Lawyers, Shan Chen maintains a high level of social responsibility towards the community. She has acted as a legal advisor and legal consultant to a number of Chinese community groups in Sydney and free legal advice to many socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Shan Chen has also contributed to the community through setting up fund raising for socially disadvantaged groups. It is the culture of Chen Shan Lawyers that Shan and all her lawyers and employees are engaged in annual fund raising events, pro bono work or community services to give back to the community and assist those in need.

Shan Chen is a Senior Visiting Lecturer for the postgraduate program at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Science and Technology Beijing, and Guest Professor of Law at School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Heibei University of Science and Technology. In December 2010, she established the ‘Chen Shan Scholarship’ in Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, to recognise her commitment to increased access to education scholarly excellence in China.

In 2012, Shan Chen was named one of the ‘Top Hundred Chinese Outstanding Entrepreneurs’ and her extensive and varied career is documented in the book of ‘History of Chinese Hundred Outstanding Entrepreneurs – Overseas Chinese Businessmen Volume’ published by the Press of China Literary Federation.

Audrey Yang -- Special Consultant

Audrey is admitted as solicitor and barrister in both New South Wales, Australia and New Zealand. She is a legal practitioner specialising in client focused solutions.

She is a practical thinker who strives to create bespoke outcomes for her clients.  She has extensive and in-depth legal experience across many sections in legal industry, from acting as a Deputy Registrar in New Zealand Auckland District Court to practicing as a solicitor in an international reputable full legal service firm.

In recent years, she is focusing in the law of trusts and succession and providing professional trustee service. She has tracked records of acting as an independent trustee and providing specialist trustee service on the management and administration of high value, complex and under dispute trusts and estates. Her clients are ranging from high net worth individuals, private trusts, state owned trusts, charitable trusts, government authorities and customers who require trustee service under Court order.

Audrey’s areas of service include trust law, asset and estate planning, family and relationship property law, conveyancing, trust, estate, civil and commercial litigation, land law, contract law and commercial law, insolvency law, regulatory breaches, land and leases, debt recovery, personal services including wills, enduring powers of attorney, residential care subsidy advice, gifting and memoranda of wishes.

Xun Cao -- Associate

Xun has previously worked for two top-tier international law firms and has seven years of extensive experience in handling cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and foreign investments. Xun is especially adept at using her extensive legal knowledge from different jurisdictions to evaluate the needs of clients and then formulate effective solutions, with a special understanding and sensitivity about the unique needs of Chinese clients. Xun is admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of New South Wales and qualified to practise Chinese Law.

Area of Expertise: Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Family Law, Corporate Law, Business Law

Qualifications: Juris Doctor (University of New South Wales); LLB (East China University of Politics and Law)

Sinne Li -- Associate

Sinne started clerk in the firm in around 2013 .She graduated from University of Western Sydney in 2016 with a bachelor of criminology and Bachelor of Laws. She has represented clients in various litigation cases and court appearances. Sinne Li is patient and meticulous, and has won many praises. With a wealth of professional knowledge, she knows how to find the best solutions for clients.

Area of Expertise: Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Succession Law

Qualifications: Juris Doctor (Western Sydney University); LLB (Western Sydney University)

Leo Li - Special Counsultant

Leo Li came from science background holding a Master's degree in Physical Oceanography. He is good at approaching complexities in a logical manner. Leo is a native Mandarin Speaker and attains a superior level of English. He has excellent academic performance and is a natural problem solver, with his mind focused on efficiency and strategies that would help his clients advocate their interest and the administration of justice.

Area of Expertise: Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Succession Law

Qualifications: Juris Doctor (with Distinction) (University of New South Wales); Master of Physical Oceanography (Ocean University of China)

Emma Dong -- Solicitor

Emma Dong graduated from the University of New South Wales with the JD degree (with Distinction). Emma is a native Mandarin speaker, and she has a good understanding of clients from different cultural backgrounds. Emma delivers legal service in a diligent and client-centred way. Emma has a high-level legal research skills. She was a research assistant in Australian Human Rights Institute to conduct an interdisciplinary research. She has a special interest in migration law. Emma also volunteered in Youth Law Australia to provide legal service to young people under 25 years nationally wide. She is good at offering one-stop legal service to solve clients’ problems. She is keen on helping clients to have access to justice.

Qualifications Juris Doctor (with Distinction) (University of New South Wales)

Victor Xi -- Solicitor

Victor Xi graduated from Macquarie University with the JD degree. He is drawn to the diversity of legal service industry. He has a strong sense of gratification of advising clients' urgent cases. He speaks English and Mandarin in a fluent and logical manner. He has a range of experience including property law, environmental planning law, commercial and civil litigation, criminal law, and alternative dispute resolution. He faithfully honours the moral essence of a lawyer’s social credibility. He maintains professional high standard in managing and meeting various clients' expectations.

Qualifications: Juris Doctor (Macquarie University); Bachelor of English Literature (East China University of Political Science and Law)

Chrisitne Wu -- Solicitor

Chrisitne Wu is a solicitor admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. She graduated from the University of New South Wales with Distinction and obtained a Juris Doctorate degree. During study, Christine served in the law school of UNSW for three consecutive years, tutoring undergraduate and postgraduate related legal courses. Meanwhile, she won the dean's list in Torts, the Second place award in Allens-Linklaters International Private Law Competition and other honors. Christine studied at the University of Nottingham and the University of Hong Kong, and has many years of working experience in listed companies. She has an international perspective and is well versed in Australian culture. Her proficient multilingual reading and writing skills can ensure that she can provide professional legal services to both Australian and Chinese clients.

Areas of Expertise: Civil Litigation, Commercial and Commercial Litigation, International Law, Family Law, Tort Law and Succession Law.

Vera Wei -- Solicitor

Vera Wei commenced her legal career as a paralegal and is now a solicitor admitted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Laws degree from University of New England. Vera gained extensive legal experience from a wide range of complex cases including due diligence investigation, property development and acquisition and multi million claims, mainly serves Australian locals and Chinese background clients including multinational companies and overseas high-net-worth investment investors. She prides herself on being concise, forward thinking and collaborative. She is a native Mandarin speaker which guarantees efficient communication with the clients with Chinese background.

Area of Expertise: Property, Family Law, Commercial


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