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Construction Law


Are you looking to build your next home or develop a residential complex in this booming property market? Chen Shan Lawyers’ senior claim consultant and construction lawyers are ready to safeguard your interests from the start of your project.

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If you have ever been or are yet to be involved in a construction project either as a purchaser, seller or a builder, you will find yourself entering into a series of complex building contracts and agreements with engineers, architects, contractors, builders and suppliers. It is imperative that you start speaking to the right people and get the right legal advice to safeguard your interests and ensure you consider the factors which can influence the satisfactory completion of a job. Whether your project is big or small and is for a house, a residential development, office building or commercial premises, there will always be legal issues which can potentially pose substantial financial risk over the course of construction.

How We Can Help

At Chen Shan Lawyers, we can take care of all your contractual needs and translate and review your legal documents or we can draft legal contractual agreements to address your specific needs. The key is to ensure that all building contracts are well prepared so that they protect your rights and interests before construction commences so that the project can run smoothly in compliance with all relevant local government regulations and thus be completed as efficiently as possible.

We offer practical and expert legal advice regarding construction law so that you do not need to spend more time negotiating disputes or resolving misunderstandings in the future and during the course of the project.

We can help with:

  • Advising and representing clients with respect to local government and relevant environmental regulations and requirements
  • Building contract disputes and litigation
  • Drafting building contracts and related commercial agreements
  • Identifying environmental requirements and representing clients in resolving disputes in the Land & Environmental Court
  • Mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

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