Area of Practice

Civil Litigation


Civil litigation is an expansive area of the law covering all legal disputes ranging from contractual disputes, building disputes, breach of statute, common law and statutory negligence to personal injury claims. The process of civil litigation can be stressful and costly, therefore obtaining proper advice in the first instance can effectively avoid a lot of wasted resources.

Chen Shan Lawyers’ litigation and dispute resolution team has a proven track of record in achieving outstanding result for our clients. Whether you bring an action or defending one, we can provide you with reliable and personalized solutions, and achieve best possible outcome at a reasonable cost.

How We Can Help

Whether your situation involves an individual person, company, local authority or government body committing a civil wrong against you, we can assist you to resolve the dispute through civil litigation. At Chen Shan Lawyers, we aim to offer efficient, practical but creative legal solutions to your unique situation.

We have a wealth of experience representing clients at all levels of the court system, and on a wide range of civil matters. With our experienced external barristers and senior counsels, you can be assured that your matter is in the best hands.

Also, we can assist you to engage in pre-litigation steps and help you resolve the dispute and settle the matter without having to have your case brought to the courtroom. We are also able to provide advice and represent you in the mediation process. Please see ‘Mediation and Dispute Resolution’ for further information about these services.

Our Service Covers

  • Competition and trade practice litigation
  • Construction disputes
  • Consumer protection
  • Commercial disputes
  • Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration)
  • Insolvency and debt litigation
  • Insurance
  • Defamation
  • Directors and officers disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Environmental and planning law
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Property law
  • Regulatory compliance

If your matter is not listed above, Chen Shan Lawyers is willing to provide you with a tailored legal solution to meet your individual expectations. To seek advice on your civil litigation matter, book an appointment online or call us now at 02 8206 2787 .