Area of Practice

Immigration and Education


Have you decided to migrate to migrate to Australia as a student, married couple, young family, business migrant, skilled person or with your partner or fiancé?

Are you upset about a visa refusal and want to stay in Australia?

Perhaps you have lost your visa and face overstaying in Australia illegally?

No matter what migration issues you are facing, our immigration lawyers can assist you. We are committed to the law and protecting its citizens as well as those who wish to achieve their dream of living in Australia.

Due to the ever changing nature of Australian migration policy and regulations, we understand that timing and preparing applications in a precise and most professional manner are imperative for ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcome.

Our Experts

We are experts in the procedures involved in visa applications as well as various review mechanisms such as the Merit Review Tribunal (MRT), Refuge Review Tribunal (RRT) and Judicial Review. The team at Chen Shan Lawyers are extremely competent and experienced in handling review cases and have been able to obtain the best outcomes for all our clients regardless of their diverse circumstances. Our lawyers will advise you of the best approach for your visa application as we assist in the preparation of forms, submissions and lodgment to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship as well as liaise with relevant authorities on your behalf. We are able to provide you with the best while streamlining the processing time because we understand the migration law and processes involved.

Our Service

We have expertise in the following migration law matters and much more:

  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Aged dependent relative
  • All types of bridging visa
  • Business/investment related migration
  • Character problems
  • Dependent children
  • Employment nomination scheme/regional sponsored migration scheme
  • Former resident/close ties with Australia
  • Health problems
  • Interdependent partners
  • Independent migration/family or state or territory sponsored migration
  • Long term overstayers
  • Marriage/de facto/fiancés
  • Migration Review Tribunal
  • Refugees requiring onshore protection
  • Student
  • Sponsoring a temporary overseas employee
  • Waiver of ‘no further stay’ condition
  • Working holiday visas
  • Visa cancellations
  • Visitor visa (application, extension, etc)

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