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Chen Shan Lawyers 2016 Christmas Party at Sky Phoenix

Chen Shan Lawyers organized annual Christmas dinner at Sydney Sky Phoenix restaurant on the 15th of Dec 2016 tocelebrate Christmas with colleagues and friends of Chen Shan Lawyers. This Christmas party brings the entire team andfriends of Chen Shan Lawyers to spend such a wonderful and harmony night together, which strengthenscommunication and interactions between employees and enhance the company’s cohesion.

This year’s Christmas dinner, Shan Chen, the leader of Chen Shan Lawyers carefully prepared the beautiful Christmasgift bags for everyone, these gifts carry her sincere greetings and best wishes to all her employees and friends and also expressed the recognition and encouragement of hard work of 2016 done by the amazing team.

The party started around 7, Shan gave an inspiring speech and commended three outstanding employees by presentingthem with special prizes which affirmed their fabulous work of the year and encouraged them to work harder and achievebetter results in the future.