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Chen Shan Charity Group _ 15 March 2022 Malabar Public School

On 15 March 2022, the first children’s charity event sponsored by Chen Shan Charity Group was successfully undertaken!

This event is to bring major Australian zoos to primary schools in the form of “interaction between children and animals”, so that children can enjoy zero-distance contact with animals at school.  Therefore, children will learn more about animals, as they wish. In the process of children learning while playing, there are also activities to cultivate their awareness of safety precautions and self-rescue skills for various animals.

In the event, the famous Australian Reptile Park arranged zookeepers to bring alligators, pythons, turtles and lizards to Malabar Public School to give lively presentation to the children. The children learned about the living habits of reptiles and how to self-rescuer in time after being attacked by animals. The children bravely touched and even petted these animals, and scrambled to raise their hands to answer questions. It was a hot event.

As it was close to Easter, the Chen Shan Charity Group also prepared a lot of Easter chocolate eggs and rabbits for the children. Our two ambassadors also distributed these gifts to the children.

Chen Shan Law Firm has always been committed to giving back to the society. As the sponsor of Chen Shan Children’s Public Welfare Group, we are committed to sharing more love and happiness, and caring for the transmission of goodwill. This enthusiasm and persistence in public welfare undertakings is not only driven by a sense of mission and responsibility, but also an extension of the sincere beliefs of everyone in Chen Shan Lawyers and Chen Shan Charity Group.