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我希望对陈珊律师行在处理我近期的案件中所做的工作表示我最诚挚的感谢。他们很专业也很乐于帮助。我特别需要感谢我的律师在处理 ...

- 李女士x


- 梁女士


x- 聂先生

我希望通过这段话,第一感谢你们,第二祝贺你们在工作中所表现出的专业性,你们真的太棒了!你们为我在案件中申请到的结果从一定意义 ...

- 吴女士

我目前正在请陈珊律师行帮我购买第二套房产,因为我非常满意陈珊律师行为我购买第一套房产时所提供的服务。我又一次来找陈珊律师所的原因 ...

- 郑女士

我想感谢陈珊律师行为我企图伤害案所付出的努力,以及律师们勤勉的态度。第一次咨询以后,我的律师非常认真地开始为我准备法庭辩护以达到令 ...

- 陆女士

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Chen Shan Lawyers appreciates and understands the emotional strain that is often experienced by clients going through a separation or a break down in marriage or relationship. We understand your culture, so we understand your concerns. We are here to protect your legal rights and act in your best interest.

We offer a full range of family law advice and service for our clients, whether you are married or in a de facto relationship. We offer the following services:

If a fair resolution cannot be negotiated with your former partner, the court system is an excellent way of attaining resolution of a dispute. We have extensive litigation experience in this area and can provide you with practical legal advice in all the family law issues that affect you. We understand the process can be emotionally and physically draining and we strive to provide you with legal advice with utmost care, respect and sensitivity during this time of need. We are experts in drafting agreements to bring finality between you and your former partner and we know how to get what best suits your needs no matter how complex or trivial the problem may be.

During the divorce process, we understand it is difficult for parents to decide with whom their children will live with and what responsibilities each parent has to the child. Our goal is to provide the best custody and financial arrangements for you and what you want for yourself and your children.

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