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Home » Latest News » Firm News » Chen Shan Lawyers Celebrate Melbourne Cup 2016 – Australia’s Most Prestigious Event of the Year

Chen Shan Lawyers Celebrate Melbourne Cup 2016 – Australia’s Most Prestigious Event of the Year

The Melbourne Cup is the most prestigious festive event that stops an entire nation, and brings all Australians together to share a good laugh.

About the Melbourne Cup:
The Melbourne Cup is the most popular social, and racing event that everyone waits in anticipation for in Australia. The event is held annually on the first Tuesday of November at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria. Thousands of people flock to celebrate the event whilst being dressed in the most jaw-dropping outfits where the men look very dapper, and the women turn heads around with their fascinators, and stunning colourful dresses. Some women even participate in fashion parades on the field to make an unforgettable fashion statement.
During the event, there are a number of horses along with their jockies, and the punters who bet on one lucky jockie to win the race. The winner of the race takes home 6 million dollars, and a trophy that is worth $150,000, as well as a prestigious title that is to never be forgotten. Many offices throughout Australia stop their work to participate in the event in their own way, and in the state of Victoria, it is held as an annual public holiday.

The Melbourne Cup History:
The race has been celebrated since the first time it was held in 1861, and the first horse that won the race was named Archer who subsequently won the race the second time during the following year. In 1877, the Melbourne Cup Day was officially pronounced, and recorded as a public holiday on the first Tuesday of November each year in the state of Victoria. In 2008, the Victorian Parliament passed a new legislation which recognised the Melbourne Cup Day as an annual public holiday in the state of Victoria. Since then, the Melbourne Cup Day has become an official public holiday in Victoria, and a festive event that is never missed by any person.

How Chen Shan Lawyers Celebrated:
On Tuesday 1 November 2016, Chen Shan Lawyers took a break from work for a few hours to prepare and celebrate the Melbourne Cup Day. Staff members enjoyed a variety of burgers from Bar Luca, drinks, and sweets on the day while they all waited in anticipation to see which lucky horse would win the race. All staff members had to select random horses that were participating in the race, from a bag. After waiting in anticipation to see the outcome of the race, Almandin was announced as the winner of the 2016 Melbourne Cup.
One of our staff members, who had chosen ticket number 17 with Almandin’s name on it, took home a prize of $100 in cash for coming in first place, while the other two staff members that chose horses which came in second and third places, each took home a bottle of wine.
Our staff members were thrilled, and the day was celebrated with great joy and happiness. Congratulations to all of our winners, and we hope we celebrate many more festive events together in the near future.


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